Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 193

The Tongue – Part 1

Yin & Yang Organs of the Body

When we have massaged the acupuncture points around mouth and also exercised the mouth, we can then stimulate the tongue as well.

The tongue relates to the heart. The mouth relates to the spleen. If the spleen has a problem, the digestive system will have a problem and so the mouth will have a problem. At the same time the tongue relates the heart. If the heart has a problem, our circulation and emotion will also have a problem. The heart is very sensitive to temperature. If the internal organs are too hot and cannot release the heat, this will cause the tongue to have spots, like small ulcers to form on it. This can happen if we eat too much deep fried food like chips, fried chicken, burgers, etc. All these can cause spots or small ulcers on the tongue and also pimples on the skin around the mouth. Eating the deep fried food which will absorb more moisture from the stomach and the body. Since there is not enough liquid for the stomach digesting the food, it will create heat. This comes out on our skin and in particular on our tongue. We should therefore not eat too much unhealthy food and drink unhealthy drinks. Instead we should drink more water and eat healthily.

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