Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 210

Hand Yang Ming Large Intestine Jing

The next channel is the Hand Yang Ming Large Intestine Jing 手陽明大腸經. The Qi in the  strongest time is from 5am to 7am. The Large Intestine and Lung are connected, where the Large Intestine is Yang and the Lung is Yin. If one has a problem the other will also eventually have a problem. Yin organs are more important than Yang organs.

There are 40 acupuncture points on this Jing, which starts at the Shang Yang Point 商陽 on the index finger and ends at the Yin Xiang Point 迎香 at the nose. The Hand Tai Yin Lung Jing 手太陰肺經 ends at the Shao Shang Point少商 on the thumb and then the Qi flows to the Shang Yang Point and so one Jing flows into another Jing.

  1. Shangyang 商陽
  2. Erjian 二間
  3. Sanjian 三間
  4. Hegu 合谷
  5. Yangxi 陽谿
  6. Pianli 偏歴
  7. Wenliu 溫溜
  8. Xialian 下廉
  9. Shanglian 上廉
  10. Shousanli 手三里
  11. Quchi 曲池
  12. Zhouliao 肘髎
  13. Shouwuli 手五里
  14. Binao 臂臑
  15. Jianyu 肩髃
  16. Jugu 巨骨
  17. Tianding 天鼎
  18. Futu 扶突
  19. Kouheliao 口禾髎
  20. Yingxiang 迎香

Although there are 40 points, they are on both sides of the body and so there are really on 20 points from the Shang Yang to the Yin Xiang. If we recite these ten times every day, after a month we will be able to remember their names.

Then we can learn the locations of three acupuncture points every day and so in week we will have learnt them all.

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