Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 209

Hand Tai Yin Lung Jing 手太陰肺經

Now let’s introduce the Hand Tai Yin Lung Jing 手太陰肺經. The Qi starts here, from 3 to 5am. The air is fresh and so this is the best time for the Qi to start in the body and the Lungs should be first. In total, there are 22 acupuncture points on the Hand Tai Yin Lung Jing. However, the Jing runs on both the right side and left side of the body so there are really only 11 acupuncture points together with their locations that we need to remember. If we read them like this,

Zhongfu 中府
Yunmen 雲門
Tianfu 天府
Xiabai 俠白
Chize 尺澤
Kongzui 孔最
Lieque 列缺
Jingqu 經渠
Taiyuan 太淵
Yuji 魚際
Shaoshang 少商

If we can do this then it is not so hard. All we need to do is read them ten times every day and then after a month we can remember them all. Then every day we can learn the location of three of the points and so very quickly we will know them very well.

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