Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #131

Tired and Sleepy

After a good practice, some people will feel tired and want to go to sleep. If we feel tired then going to sleep is fine, but the best thing is to sleep first and then practice. When we are tired we should sleep. After sleeping we feel better and then we practice, our Qi will be stronger and we will not feel sleepy.

Sometimes at night, just before we go to bed, we can do a short practice, for five or ten minutes, this will help us to relax and our sleep will be better. However, if we practise for too long, then we might not be able to get to sleep. We will not lose Qi, we just might find ourselves full of Qi and this will make us too awake for sleeping if you like to have good sleep.

Having said this, when we practise, the first thing that will happen is that our bodies will go back to normal. If we have been working hard and we are tired, then we will feel sleepy. This is normal. So just do a short practise before bed.

Our bodies will always tell us what it right for us, so we need to listen to our bodies. When we are tired we should go to sleep. When we are awake we should do some work with a good attitude and a good relaxed posture. If we follow this then we will  always save our Qi.

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