Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #132

Lying on the Grass

Qigong Dao 18Some times when I have finished teaching, usually during our summer residential courses, I see one or two students who like lie down on the grass to rest. This is actually not a very good idea. I have seen a lot of people lying down under the sun, especially when I was living in Hawaii. Of course they are enjoying themselves and relaxing. If we feel tired and lie down on the grass in beautiful weather to take a nap that is fine, even lying on the beach is fine as we are enjoying the nice environment and our holiday. We all do that and there is nothing wrong with it.

If we have just finished our Qigong we have fully recharged our energy. Lying down of the grass means that we let go of our Qi into the earth. The earth likes to break down all organic objects. This means when we lie down and relax, our upper body will be in contact with the earth, which will start to suck our Qi from it. Then all the good Qi from our practise will begin to release out to the ground. Afterwards we will feel sleepy and this means we have lost our energy.

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