Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #133

Sitting on the Grass

After a good practice lying on the grass is not good. How about sitting on the grass to do meditation after practicing, is this a problem? Actually this is not a problem. So what is the difference between lying on the grass to rest or sleep and sitting on the grass to do meditation?

When we lie down on the grass to rest or sleep we let go of ourselves so our body has no protection. When we do not have anything to protect us we can catch cold, and this is why we cover ourselves when we sleep at night, to keep ourselves warm. If we get too cold we can lose our Qi. When we are meditating we are still awake so our body will naturally develop Qi to protect us. This protecting Qi we call Wei Qi 衛氣. Even though our Qi is strong we still need to relax, keep a good posture and breathe naturally, so that everything connects with our Dantian. Then our Qi will find the way to protect us, and at the same time we will gather positive Qi and release negative Qi. So it is important to know how to rest so we can recharge our Qi instead of losing it.

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