Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #134

Holding the Tree

When I was in China every morning I would go to the park to practice my Qigong and Kung Fu. Sometimes I would see people holding a tree. They would embrace a big tree with the whole bodies pressed against it as if they were hugging it.  I know that they probably think that this is a good thing to do because a tree is part of nature and some trees live for hundreds of years, so they think it is good to hold and touch them. Actually it is quite the opposite.

Trees also like energy. If we open ourselves up to them they will take our Qi. In many old Chinese stories trees have spirits which harm people. Of course these are just stories but anything we touch, look at or think of can make a connection. If the thing that we touch is negative we will take the negative Qi from them, and likewise if the thing is positive we will gain the positive Qi from them. If we touch a tree it will suck the Qi from us to recharge itself, in the same way as it sucks water from the ground.  Therefore if we want to gain Qi from a good healthy tree we should keep a distance from it the practice near it so both of us can benefit.

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