Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #135

Yuan Qi 元氣

We all have Qi氣. Without Qi we will die. Qi is the energy that keeps us going, it is the energy for living, the energy for enjoying life, the energy for fighting disease, the energy behind our emotions and the energy that keeps us strong.  When we have good and strong Qi we will be healthy and live long lives. It is a simple formula, more Qi equals a healthier life and it is the reasons why those people who practice Qigong work on their Qi.  High-level things always have a very simple principle, this is the law of nature.

Chinese Medicine and Chinese Culture understand that we all come from Qi.  That is to say we come from Our father’s and mother’s Qi.  It is the principle of Yin and Yang.  The father’s sperm and the mother’s egg join and are nourished in the womb for about 10 months. This is how Qi works to create a life.   Our parents give us our looks, our reactions, our emotions, our strengths and also our weaknesses.  So they pass both the good part and the bad part to us.  These are our genetics, our Prenatal Qi先天氣.  The Qi we are given by a parents we call Yuan Qi 元氣, which means Original Qi. It determines how we look how we behave and how we react, in other words our emotions.  This all comes from our parents, from the Yuan Qi they give us. This is why we find we act in the same way as our parents, especially when we are older.

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