Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #130

Talk Too Much

When we practice Qigong, we gather Qi from nature around us and also release our negative Qi. In this way we balance ourselves, so a good environment, good nature and fresh air around us are important as this gives us good Qi. This is how our bodies work with nature, we become part of nature, more relaxed, calm and peaceful, and with all these things we are healthier and do not easily become ill.

However, many people most of the time, do not listen to their body and do not feel when the environment or situation is not right and do not change it. The longer they are in a bad environment and situation, the more likely it is they will become ill.

Even when we practise well and recharge our Qi, we should be careful not to use it. We can use our energy by talking too much. After a good practice we should preserve our Qi, let it settle down and not use it a lot. When we finish practising we are full of Qi and so it is a little like being too excited, then we can use a lot by talking to friends. In this way we an easily use our Qi and so we should instead try and preserve it. This is one reason we practise meditation at the end to help us not to talk a lot and not to do too much activity right away. This saves the Qi we have gathered from our good practice.

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