Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #129

Sky and Earth

The weather can affect our Qi but so does the sky and the earth. When we are able to practice outside, we normally choose a place where we can see the sky and also connect with the earth.   Sometimes though, we might be able to see the sky but we cannot relate to the earth, for example on a rooftop. This means we are missing a connection with the earth, but the earth helps us to release negative Qi and then gives us good Qi. In another situation we might practice under shelter and so we are connected to the ground but we cannot see the sky. The sky gives us good energy, makes our mind clearer and then takes our negative Qi, and so any tension or stress in our head will go. So you can see it is important to have both sky and earth when we practice. We need to see the sky and we need to have our feet on the ground. Then every moment we practice will relate to the sky and the earth. Then we become a part of nature, become harmonious and balanced and everything will be in order and on the right track.


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