Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #128

Weather Affects our Qi

If the weather is bad, raining heavily, snowing heavily or even a very hot day, do we practice outside?  Of course we do not. Bad weather can take our energy, if we are not careful. When the weather is this bad we should still practice but indoors with the windows open. Fresh air can give us more Qi, help us relax and make us stronger.  The air is Qi, but if we feel too cold, too hot or too wet, when practising outside, we will not receive good Qi because we do not feel good and how we feel relates to what Qi we gather.

So when we cannot go outside we practice indoors we open the windows so we can feel good and have fresh air.  However, outside is always better since the more we practice Qigong, the more good air we breathe and the more we are outside makes a difference.  We will become more sensitive to our environment and a good environment will give us good Qi, which makes us feel better.  Eventually we will find a place to practice and even a place to live and work as well,

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