Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #19

Breathe through the skin

When we are really relaxed, our breathing will be right, sometimes it is normal breathing, sometimes it is reverse breathing, sometimes it is very slow, sometimes it is fast, sometimes it will even stop for a while and sometimes the exhale might be very strong. So we just need to let the body relax and let it find its own way, it is a bit like when we are talking, we do not need to think about our breathing. If we think about our breathing we cannot talk properly, and it is the same when we are eating and sleeping.

Qigong Dao 19In particular, when we are practicing Qigong movements, do not think about your breathing. It is important that we let our relaxation give us the best way of breathing. Then we will never have trouble with our Qi and our mind. However, you will be surprised to learn, that the best way of breathing is to actually stop breathing! How can this be? No one can live without breathing! This is true, but we can breathe less, or stop breathing for a while, perhaps a couple of minutes or even longer. However, this must happen naturally, if we try to force ourselves and hold our breath we might cause ourselves a problems. So we must relax during movement and meditation. When you have been practising for long enough, you will find that you do not need to breathe that much. This means you are breathing with your skin. Breathing through the skin is the highest level of breathing.

Michael Tse

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