Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 205

Three Yin Hand Jing

Wils Goose 2nd 64

We have twelve channels and we now know that there are six Yin channels and six Yang Channels. In Chinese we call these Jinglou 經絡. Jing 經 means channel, or an orbit. Lou 絡 means net. So it means that in the Jinglou the channels cover the body like net. Within the Jinglou there are six Yin channels, three on the hands and three on the legs. When we talk about the channels in the Jinglou just refer to them as Jing. The three Yin Jing of the hands are Heart, Lung and Pericardium Jing.  Of the three of them, one is All Yin, one is Middle Yin and one is Small Yin.

All Yin we call Tai Yin 太陰, Tai means big. Big Yin is the Lung Jing so its full name is Hand Tai Yin Lung Jing 手太陰肺經. Middle Yin we call Jue Yin 陰. Jue 厥 means lost feeling, blockages or even faint. If we have too much Yin, we will lost feeling, faint and have blockages. Middle Yin is already too much. In this case it is Middle Yin and this is the Pericardium Jing. So its full name is Hand Jue Yin Pericardium Jing 手厥陰心包經. The last one is Small Yin and we call it Shao Yin 少陰 and this is the Heart Jing, its full name is Hand Shao Yin Heart Jing手少陰心經.

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