Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #1

What is Qi?

Dao 1What is Qi ? To understand Qi we must understand the Chinese character for Qi and it is the same traditional character in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

The character for Qi is made up to two parts one is:

And this means steam.

The other part is:

And this means rice.

Chinese people have always eaten a lot of rice because in the old times, 90% of all Chinese people were farmers, and even today we still have a lot of farmers. The character is like a plant with roots and branches growing in the soil. When we cook rice, we put it in a pot and add water. We then put this over a fire to cook. After a while, steam will start to rise up and this steam we call Qi. This was the first image of Qi. Qi is not just steam, however, it is something that also connects with our feeling, so we might be able to feel it and also in some cases smell it.

Qi does not have a fixed form, it is moving, flowing and comes from a subject.

Michael Tse

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  1. Saskia v. Heusden
    Saskia v. Heusden says:

    As not being a person to use electronic communications much, I did not hear about this site untill the instructor’s course. Now being back home I could not stop reading. I started at “the wrong end” because I had to work out the system. Hence this comment written at the first article. The topics and build up is very interesting specially because we in Norway do not have the fortune of having class with Sifu every week and there by miss out on small hints and information dripping in regularly. By opening this site every thing comes “closer” ! As Lee says, this is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  2. Michael Tse
    Michael Tse says:

    Hi Saskia, it is good to hear how you feel after you read my articles, I hope those can help you and others. Now you just need to keep reading, keep thinking, keep practising.



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