Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #33

Rujia’s 4 Classic Books pt 2 – Lunyu 論語 (Conversation with Kong Zi孔子)

Ruija - Kong Zi - Lunyu - Dao 33The third book is Lunyu 論語. Lun 論 means “Discussion”, Yu 語 means “Langage”or “Conversation”. So Lunyu means “Discussion” or “Conversation”. This is a record of the Saying and Conversation from Kong Zi and his students. All the Rujia 儒家 books were written after Kong Zi passed away. This was because Kong Zi knew that more writing created more confusion and the highest level was led by the heart as it is the heart that needs to understand.

By reading this book we can start to understand Kong Zi’s thinking and philosophy. The first chapter says,


Kong Zi said “When we learn some knowledge, we can practise it and it is such a pleasure! When a friend from far way comes to visit there is such happiness. Even though people do not understand my way of living, it does not bother me. This is the attitude of a gentleman.”

From these saying we can see that Kong Zi was a wise, educated and happy person. This is why so many people are willing to learn from him.

Michael Tse

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