Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #26

Huiyin Point 會陰

Dao 26
Dao 26The Huiyin 會陰 point is the foundation, ground or root of the Dantian丹田. Huiyin point is a very important point for the Dantian and the body. “Hui會” means Gathering”. “Yin陰” means Yin, as in Yin and Yang. In Chinese culture and philosophy, Yin and Yang play a very important role. Yin is like the night, water, feminine, etc. Yang is like the day, fire, masculine, etc. So Huiyin means gathering the Yin together, and this is very obvious because of where the Huiyin point is located. It is between the anus and the genitals and this this is a very vulnerable area and so the Huiyin point is very Yin. Conversely on the top of the head, at its centre is the Baihui百會point, which is very Yang. We can see the Baihui and it reaches out to the sky. The Huiyin point is hidden and faces the Earth. Its energy is withdrawing.

These two points, the Huiyin and the Baihui form a straight line to create a strong channel, and this is the Chong Mai衝 脈 or Chong Channel (in Qigong the Chong Mai is seen differently to acupuncture point theory). The Huiyin point should be flexible and should be able to move easily, then the Dantian will be strong and there will have fewer internal diseases.

Michael Tse

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  1. Orla Laurie
    Orla Laurie says:

    Hello Sigong,
    Happy New Year and thank you for this article. I did not realise fully the Huiyin point/energy was withdrawing so thank you for clarifying that for us. Does the Chong Mai have any connection to the spine, follow the spine as the du channel does on the posterior /back part of the body or it is right in the centre of the body as the illustration shows?
    Thank you again Sigong for sharing this information with us and your patience with our learning.

  2. Michael Tse
    Michael Tse says:

    The Huiyin is like the bottom of a bottle, it needs to be strong and firm. For human beings any part of the body should be able to move, even just little bit. Any stiffness is the beginning of disease. So the Huiyin point is the bottom of the body and protects the Qi and regulates how it releases out and how it draws the Qi from the earth. When the Huiyin is too soft and does not move easily then that is a sign that a problem is beginning.
    Regarding the Chong Channel, it does not just relate to the centre or the inside of the body. In the end it covers the Ren and Du Mai and so this means it also relates to the spine as well. When the Qi raises up from the Dantian to the head and comes out from the Baihiu point that is because the Chong Channel is formed, smooth and open.
    In Qigong practice we see the path of the Channel slightly differently to how acupuncturists see them. This is because when we have more Qi it will find a quicker and more direct path in which to flow. For ordinary people their Qi is weaker and so it just flows along the normal path, it is like a stream running down a mountain, on a normal day the water runs along the stream, but when there has been heavy rain the water will make the stream’s path wider and make its way down quicker. So we see the channels are straighter in Qigong Training. We can feel a lot when we are practising Low Horse Stance and Healthy Slapping Gong. We need a lot practice until the Qi strong enough so you can feel the accurate locations of acupuncture points and channels paths.

    Tse Sigong


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