Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #15

Qihai point  氣海穴 and the Dantian丹田

The DanQigong Dao 15 - Qihaitian 丹田 is a very important part of the body and we should be aware of this and we need to understand it location. A thumb’s width (measure with the thumb held horizontally) below the navel, there is an acupuncture point called, Qihai point 氣海穴. Qi means energy and Hai means sea. So there is a sea of energy, which means there must be a lot here. No matter how uncomfortable and nervous we are, if we put our hands on the Qihai point we will feel better and calmer. This is because the Qihai point is connected to a lot of Qi and is like trigger for the whole body. When we feel ill it is because we do not have enough Qi and when we feel better it is because we have enough Qi. Connecting with the Qihai point which stimulates the Qi to flow around the body and so we must always connect with this point. In the beginning of the Balancing Gong we do “Holding the Dantian” where we put our palms on the Qihai point. The makes our movements connect with the Qihai point.

The Qihai point is the “front entrance” to the Dantian and so the Dantian is inside the Qihai point. When you walk in through a front door, there must a room inside and this is the Dantian. So you see the Dantian is not a point, it is an area. Tian means area and this area can be the whole of the abdomen. Therefore we need to move with the Dantian and store more Qi at the Dantian.

Michael Tse

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