Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #68

Zhan Zhuang站椿 Positions

Dao 68There are many Zhan Zhaung positions. The most common is Holding a Ball Position抱球樁which we stand in a high position. When we practise Taijiquan太極拳 we practise this position a lot.

When we are doing this position, we need to have the correct posture and so the body needs to be straight. This means that the Baihui point百會穴 on the top of the head, the Huiyin Point會陰穴 between the legs and the Yongquan point涌泉穴 on the soles of the feet should make a vertical line. So we need to check our position from the front and the sides. If we only consider the body, then it is quite easy to have straight posture. However, we also need to consider our feet.  The Baihui, Huiyin and Yongquan points should line up.

For these points to be in line, we need to bend the knees. The knees should not go past the toes, otherwise these points will not be in line. Once we have the correct posture, then all these points will be in line with each other.

Dao 68bOnce the body position is correct, the second thing to consider is our hands. We should hold our hands so that our Laogong points 勞宫穴 face our body at the Tanzhong point 壇中穴. It will be as if we are holding a ball in front of our chest. By having the palms facing the body, we are keeping the Qi inside our body. Holding the palms facing out and our arms straight will result in us releasing a lot of Qi.

When we practise Zhan Zhuang, we should close our eyes, hold the position and relax. Stand as long as you want but the more you can let go of your mind and relax, the more Qi you will gather. You might even feel the Qi flowing inside your body. When done, we should do Shou Gong收功 to finish the practice.

Michael Tse

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