Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #69

Holding a Small Qi Ball Position抱小球樁

Dao 69There are many different positions for Zhan Zhuang.站椿 I would suggest that you start with the simplest position. The one I described last time was Holding a Ball Position抱球樁facing the Middle Dantian中丹田. This is why the palms faced the Tanzhong point壇中穴, but some people will find holding the ball in this high position tiring. So instead, we can begin with the Lower Dantian 下丹田 and hold a small ball at first. The body position is exactly the same as in Holding a Ball Position, the back straight and the Baihui 百會穴, Huiyin會陰穴, and Yongquan points 涌泉穴 in line. However this time the hands are lower and the palms closer together. Now the Laogong points 勞宫穴 face the Qihai point 氣海穴 which connects to the Lower Dantian下丹田. This position makes it easy to relax, particularly for our shoulders. When our shoulders are relaxed then basically the entire body is 70% relaxed. Since this is an easy position we can stand for much longer.

Dao 69bFor Zhan Zhuang we need to stand for longer. If the position is more comfortable, then it is definitely easier for people to stand longer and so start to enjoy Zhan Zhuang more. If you can practise more then you will begin to understand your body internally and understand the Qi better.

Michael Tse

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