Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #138

 Ying Qi 营氣

Yuan Qi 元氣 and Zong Qi 宗氣 together give us two kinds of Qi. One of them is Ying Qi营氣, which mean Nourishing Qi. This means it nourishes our body or stays inside the body to nourish the internal organs. Ying Qi flows through the 12 main channels and finally will flow along the Ren 任脈 and Du Mai 督脈. However to flow to the Ren and Du Mai depends on how much Qi we have in the 12 main channels. If our Ying Qi to be strong the Yuan Qi and Zong Qi must be strong. Yuan Qi is fixed, but the Zong Qi comes from outside, from food, drink, breathing etc. so if the things coming to our body are good and healthy, then the Ying Qi will be strong, the channels will be wider and stronger, and so more Qi  will be able to flow faster and more easily. At the same time Ying Qi creates saliva, blood and other secretions or fluids. This is why when we have more Qi we feel warmer because we have more blood and the circulation of saliva and secretions is stronger and healthier.  Therefore Ying Qi is very important in order for our Qi to flow freely along the body to maintain our health.



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