Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #137

Prenatal 先天之氣 and Postnatal Qi 後天之氣

Yuan Qi 元氣 and Zong Qi 宗氣 are the foundations of our Vital Energy – our Qi. Yuan Qi comes from our parents and so affects our genetics. We carry the energy from our parents and so if they were tall, short, strong or weak etc. then this will also affect us as it will be part of our basic elements, which includes our health, attitude and talents. It therefore determines whether we are good at somethings and bad at other things. However our Zong Qi also has a big effect. Zong Qi is the energy which comes to us after we are born.  It comes from the air we breathe the food we eat and drink, it also includes our learning and development. This affects our emotions, the way we see things might be slightly different to others and so it can affect whether we grow healthily or can you bad for us.

Yuan Qi is our Prenatal Qi 先天之氣, the energy we are born with and Zong Qi is our Postnatal Qi 後天之氣, energy that comes to us after we are born.  Both of these types of Qi are important to us and we cannot do without one or the other in order to live.  It is like yin and yang, Yuan Qi is yin, internal from the inside of us, and Zong Qi  is yang,  external from the  outside to supply the body.  If both of these are good then we will have good Qi, but if they are bad then we will have bad Qi, If one good and one bad, Then it makes our health and life in many different conditions.


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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    Interesting. I’d love to know how this relates to individual karma & if Dayan 2nd 64 can purify “negative” karma.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Whatever Qigong we are practising it is for good health. Karma is about what you had done, so you will have the results, good karma has good result, bad karma has bad result, so Qigong and karma are different. But if you practice Qigong, then you are healthier, you might not do bad deeds, and will have more compassion, then might be in the future you might not have that many bad Karma, more good karma.

      Kind regards
      Master Tse


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