Grandmaster Tse’s Qigōng Dāo 氣功道 367

9 Colours Qi Ball – Part 1

9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball Gong

In the Dayan Qigong System, we have a form called 9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball Gong. This form is based on the Yìjīng 易經. The number 9 is a Yìjīng number. If you have ever played Suduko you will be know it is played on a big square divided into 9 smaller squares and covers the numbers 1 to 9. The game is based on the Hòu Tiān Bāguà 後天八卦 – Postnatal Bagua, which is also called the Wén Wáng Bāguà 文王八卦. Zhōu Wén Wáng 周文王 (1152- 1056 BC) was a king during the Zhōu Dynasty 周朝and he created this Bāguà, and so people call it the Wen Wang Bagau. There are two kinds of Bāguà. The other one is the Xiān Tiān Bāguà 先天八卦 – Prenatal Bāguà, and this came before the Wen Wang Bāguà. However, both Bāguà are based on the number 9.

Bāguà means eight situations or eight directions and if we include the centre, then this comes to nine, so it becomes nine situations. These nine relate to the directions, the internal organs, the acupuncture points and Jīng Luò 經絡 – Channels. When we practise the 9 Colour Rotating Qi Ball Gong, we improve the Qi to our internal organs, smooth our channels and for the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān 小周天 – Small Heavenly Circle and the Dà Zhōu Tiān 大周天 – Big Heavenly Circle.

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