Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 180

The Eyes pt 4

When meditating with their eyes closed, some people will see colours. This is good as it means your Qi is strong and you can see the colours from you internal organs. Green is from the liver. Red, orange or pink are from the heart. Brown and yellow are from the spleen. White, gold and silver are from the lungs. Blue or black are from the kidneys. Also the liver and large intestine are related. The heart and the small intestine are related. The spleen and the stomach are related. The lungs and the large intestine are related and the kidneys and urinary bladder are related. These the colours you see might be from both organs. You might see the colours mix and move in many directions and create different patterns. This means the Qi is flowing all over the body. So we need to be calm and relax and let everything just happen as it does not matter what colours or other things we see. Sometimes you might see pictures, like in a dream, such horses, people, trees, scenery or animals. People often ask me what these mean. There is no perfect answer. There might be a connection with the past, the future or many other things.

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