Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 179

The Eyes Pt3

Exercise the Eyes

When we wear glasses we should sometimes take them off and try to see without them. Definitely when we are doing the eye exercises we should not wear glasses this is because we really need to use the muscles of the eyes, use our eyes to and this will help our Qi to go to our eyes. The eyeball is like a muscle it needs to be exercised and trained.

Apart from the exercise for the eyes we also need to practise meditation. We should close the eyes, relax whole body and keep the back straight whether we sit in a lotus, sit on a chair or do standing meditation does not matter. We should just focus on relaxing the whole body and allow our energy to flow. This way it will find and clear all the blockages and tension and fight off our illnesses. If your eyes are tired or weak you might find they begin to water, tingle or even ache. Actually aching is a good thing, of course we need to know how much discomfort we can stand, but if it is just a little pain and aching this is not a problem. Then the body will react better since the body will find our problems. When we make our energy stronger it will automatically fight to restore our health without us having to give it an order to do that. This is the natural way of the body. So meditation with the eyes closed and the body completely relaxed will help us fix the problem or at least stop it from getting worse.

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