Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 178

The Eyes Pt 2

There is a Qigong way to protect and improve the eyes, which we can do regularly even when we are older. We need train and massage particular acupuncture points around the eyes using two fingers.

Using the index and middle fingers rub, tap and circle the following six acupuncture points in turn:  Cuan Zhi Point 攢竹,Yu Yao  Point 魚腰穴,Si Zhu Point 絲竹穴,Tai Yang Point 太陽穴,Cheng Qi Point 承泣穴,Qing Ming Point 睛明穴 and Tong Zi Liao Point 瞳子髎. Go around clockwise and anticlockwise 36 times.

Close the eyes and then gently press the eyeballs for a couple of seconds. Then open the eyes and rotate the eyes 36 times clockwise and 36 times anticlockwise.

Look at something far away and then close 36 times.

Using just your eyes, look up and hold the position for a couple of seconds, then look down, look left and then look right, again 36 times.

At the end cover your eyes with your palms so that your Laogong Points勞宮穴 cover the eyes and hold this for one minute.

Now the eyes have a good exercise and more Qi will go to them. This will help maintain our eyes to keep them in good condition and this is important as we need our eyes for our entire life. The eyes also relate to the liver. If the liver is weak then this will affect the eyes so in Dayan Qigong we have a form called Twining Hands Bagua that is especially good for the liver.

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