Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 181

The Eyes Pt 5

Transmit Qi to the Sky-eye

When we practise Qigong regularly enough, the Qi goes to the Sky-eye 天目, which is in the middle of the forehead. Actually the proper area is in our brain, but the entrance is the Sky Eye. When this happens you might even be able to see colours around yourself when you are practising. Seeing colours from ourselves with our eyes closed is not difficult, but to be able to see the Qi with the eyes open is a high level and this means we can see the Qi radiating out of our body. In the beginning you might only be able to see smoke, like heat rising up from the ground. Then the more you relax the clearer the colours of the Qi become and you might see yellow, brown, red, gold, pink, blue, black etc. The brighter the colours the healthier you are. If the colours are dull, unclear, not beautiful, like the cloud on day in bad weather, then this is negative Qi.

From then you might even be able to see other people’s Qi around then and see if they are bright. Some people call this aura. Some people can even see people, animals and scenery with their eyes open, though other people cannot see them, they might be there, do not be afraid of anything you see. The more you relax the more you can see. Sometimes you might see something in the corner of your eye and when you look at it, is not there.

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