Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 182

The Ears Part 1

Our ears are very important. We need them to hear so we are aware of the environment around us and when other people want to talk and communicate with us. So sound is important, good sounds have a positive effect on us and they make us relax, for example the sounds of nature such as birds, ocean and gentle wind, when we hear sounds such as these we relax and when we relax our Qi flows or longer body better. However, bad sounds such like loud voices, screaming, crying, others getting hurt and even the sound of complaining. So those kinds of sound or information carried by sound will damage our Qi, so it is better if we hear nice and gentle sounds, and happy news and information. We need to hear nice sounds and good information more than bad sounds and bad information. However people still listen to all the bad sounds and noises around them. If you live in a city, then it is very hard to avoid them and we also always connect with people who often complain, argue and even fight with other people. This brings us to situations that make us unhappy and therefore we lose our Qi. We are better off trying to avoid these, but we cannot always change the environment we live in or the people around us who like to complain or start a fight. However, the best thing is to reduce the bad sounds and reduce the contact with these people. This will save our Qi and our ears.

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