Master Tse and Grandmaster Yang Meijun

Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #153

Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun 楊梅君 pt 12

Master Tse and Grandmaster Yang MeijunSeeing that Captain was feeling better, Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun 楊梅君 said, “Your police officer forced me to come here and accused me of hurting people. He even said people might die because of my treatment.  Everybody could see me being put into a police car like I was being arrested. This is not good for my reputation and my name. You need to write something to say that you were wrong and prove that I am innocent, you can even say that you have given me a licence to carry on my treatments, otherwise I am going to stay here. I am not going anywhere.”

The Captain did not know what to do. He did not know that his policemen had treated Grandmaster Yang so badly.  He smiled and said to Grandmaster Yang, “Master Yang, I’m very pleased that you have given me a treatment and I feel much better but I am sorry I cannot give you a licence as this is not my department, but I can write a letter to prove that you are innocent and that you have given me a treatment which has had a good results. I can make sure that no one in my department bothers you ever again. Would this be alright?”

Grandmaster Yang did not move but at the very same time some of her students arrived. They asked Grandmaster Yang to go for dinner with them and advised her that it was not good to argue with the police. Everyone was relieved when Grandmaster Yang agreed, and so she got the letter from the Captain and then happily returned home with her students. From then on Grandmaster Yang and gave people her unique Qigong treatments and was never bothered again.


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