Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #154

Erlang 二郎 Pt1

The Jade Emperor 玉帝, the ruler of heaven, had a sister called Yao Ji 瑶姬. One day she came down from Heaven to the human world and there she met a young scholar called Yang Tian You 楊天佑. They fell in love and married and then had three children, two sons and one daughter.  The eldest son (Da Lang) was called Yang Jiao 楊蛟, the second son (Er Lang) was called Yang Jian 楊戬 and the youngest daughter was called Yang Chan 楊嬋. However, this was against the laws of Heaven and made the Jade Emperor and the Jade Emperor’s Mother very angry.

They sent the Heavenly Army down to the human world to arrest Yao Ji and bring her back to heaven. However, Yiao Ji  did not want to be separated from her husband and children and so she resisted  and fought  back. Unfortunately her husband, Yang Tian You, and eldest son, Yang Jiao died in the fighting. Yao Ji was captured and imprisoned under Plum Mountain 姚山.

Fortunately, second son (Er Lang) Yang Jian and his younger sister escaped unhurt, but Yang Jian wanted to rescue his mother but you needed magical powers in order to fight the Army of Heaven. So Yang Jian and his sister travelled all over China looking for a teacher who could teach him this skill.





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