Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #151

Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun 楊梅君 pt 10

Master Tse and Grandmaster Yang MeijunGrandmaster Yang Mei Jun 楊梅君 looked at the policeman and she knew something was not right.  Keeping her attitude positive and polite she replied, “Yes, I am Yang Mei Jun.  How can I help you officer?” The policeman looked at her a little seriously, “I have heard you are giving people some kind of treatment. How much do you charge?  Do you have a licence to do this?” Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, still keeping same attitude said, “Yes, I have been helping people with their illnesses and I just charge small amount of money, sometimes I don’t even ask for it.”  The policeman continued to ask in an unfriendly manner, “I heard that you charge 30 cents a person. Tell me how do you treat them?”  Grandmaster Yang looked at him and paused for a moment before replying, “I stimulate the acupuncture points and help them to smooth their Qi.” The policeman raised his voice, “You stimulate the acupuncture points! You might hurt or even kill them!” Grandmaster Yang looked directly at the policeman with little bit anger, “if I kill anyone you can take my life!  I have treated over 200 people and I have not killed or hurt anyone.” The policeman took a step closer before walking slowly around her and said, “You are quite old, can you seriously treat people?” Grandmaster Yang replied, “I can treat anybody who has illness. Bring someone here I’ll prove it to you.”

Suddenly the policeman’s tone turned politely and he said, “Our Captain has high blood pressure. Can you treat him?”  Grandmaster Yang smiled and said, “Yes! Where is he?.” The policeman said “ Let me take you to him.”


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