Liù Zì Jué 六字訣 – Six Sounds – Part 5


The next sound is Xì 呬 and this is good for the lungs. We begin the movement by standing with our feet shoulder width apart and our knees slightly bent. The hands should be close to the chest with the palms facing forwards and the elbows dropped. Then we start to make the Xì sound and at the same time, we push both palms forwards and slowly straighten he legs. Again, we move until we have no more breath to make the sound and the sound comes from the internal body. At the end, the arms should be straight, the palms facing forwards and the legs straight. We then breathe in through the nose and turn the palms to face our Qì Hù 氣戶 points on the chest. We then bring the palms towards the Qì Hù points and start to bend the knees. When the palms are close the chest, without touching, we lower the elbows and turn the palms to face forwards, and so we are back in the original position. We can then repeat the about movement 10 times.