Liù Zì Jué 六字訣 – Six Sounds – Part 6

The next sound is Chuī 吹, and this is good for the kidneys. We begin by standing straight with the feet shoulder width apart. We bring the hands in front of the waist with the palms facing down. We start to make the Chuī sound and push the palms down towards the ground. As we do so, we bend down from the waist, until we have bent 90 degrees, the legs and arms are straight, and the palms are facing down. At the end, we should have no more breath and so we finish making the Chuī sound. Bending the body is good for the kidneys.

We then turn the palms upwards and bring them up towards waist height and so straighten back up. We also breathe in. At the end, we are back in the original position and then we can repeat the movement about 10 times. This exercise is very good for the kidneys and the more we do it we might find that we become more flexible so that our palms may even touch the ground.