Liù Zì Jué 六字訣 – Six Sounds – Part 7

The next sound is Xī 嘻, this is good for the Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer. The Sānjiāo is not an organ, it is an area, but is has three parts, and this is why we call it the Triple Warmer. Each are relates to different organs. There is the Shàngjiāo 上焦 – Upper Warmer and this from the Tiantu point at the throat to the Shān Zhōng 膻中 point (Zhōng Dāntián 中丹田 – Middle Dāntián). This area relates to the heart and lungs. The Zhōngjiāo 中焦 – Middle Warmer is from the Shān Zhōng point to the Qì Hǎi 氣海 point and covers the liver, spleen, gall bladder and stomach. The Xiàjiāo 下焦 – Lower Warmer, is from the Qì Hǎi  point to the Huì Yīn 會陰 point, and it covers the large intestine, small intestine, kidneys and urinary bladder. The Sānjiāo covers all these organs, but its main purpose is to maintain the balance of all the organs.

For the movement we start with our feet shoulder width apart, the knees slightly bent and the palms facing the Dāntián. We then begin to make the Xī sound and raise up the right hand with the palms facing up, meanwhile press down with the left hand, palm facing down and straighten the legs. So one side is up and the other down. At the end, we should have no more breath to make more sound. We then bring the hands back to the Dāntián, bend the knees and breathe in. Then we change and do the movement pushing the left hand up and the right hand down. We can then repeat the entire around movement 10 times.