Master Tse’ s Qigong Dao 188

The Nose – Part 3

When we breathe through the nose, we are more relaxed than when we breathe with mouth. Some people say they cannot breathe through the nose because of asthma or other blockages. However, we have to train ourselves to do so if we want to be healthy. It may take time, but we can eventually do so if we work on it.

If we have an overly sensitive nose or a sinus infection, then we need to practise Qigong in order to build up our Qi.  Then our immune system will be stronger and the nose will function better. When we finish practising Qigong, then afterwards we should do some Horse Stance. Then our Qi will be strong. Try to minimise or even not take medicine right away to let the body try and fight for the problem on its own.

In this way our immune system will become stronger and not weaker. It is the same as when we injure a leg and cannot walk. At first we might walk with a stick, but we should not continue walking with a stick as it will make the leg weak. Instead we should try to use our leg even if it is a bit uncomfortable. Always try to be normal and heal yourself using the natural way first. Remember the nose can be trained. Stimulate the acupuncture points around the nose every day and breathe through the nose, even when exercising. This will make the lung muscles stronger as the nose relates to the lungs.

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