Wild Goose Qigong - Master Tse

Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 189

The Nose – Part 4

Wild Goose Qigong - Master Tse

Our nose is for breathing but also for smelling things. It is can recognise the smell of things whether they are good or bad. Some people have a “super nose” and can smell things that other people cannot smell even from far away. However, if we are in bad smell area and we have been there too long, we will lose the sense of smell and not notice the bad smell anymore. This is like a painter who after a long time no longer notice the chemicals of the paint that much.

A healthy people will smell good and a sick people will smell bad. It is the same as an apple. A fresh apple will smell good and a rotten one will smell bad – it is the same for humans. When we practice Qigong long enough, our sense of smell will become more sensitive and we can start to smell the sick energy from other people. When I am close to a person who is ill, I can smell their negative Qi. Because of this, I do not like going into hospitals.

Sometimes I can even smell the negative Qi from somebody when I am talking to them on the phone! When I am sitting next to someone and smell their negative Qi, often times I also know what their illness, this is because our internal organs all have a different smell, and the illness area will reflect to my same area, for example if the their lungs have a problem, I will feel not well of my lungs as well.

The more Qigong we practice, the stronger our sense of smell becomes. However, if we are always around negative Qi and sick people, eventually our body will accept it and we will not feel anything because the body has stopped sensing things.  However, we cannot always avoid negative Qi or situations, so in these circumstances, we need to practise more to make our Qi strong and to help rid ourselves of the negative Qi.

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