Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 190

The Nose – Part 5

Did you know that some people can lose their sense of smell? For example a decorator who paints walls with a lot of strong smelling paints will not be able to smell the chemicals in the paint so much. A smoker will not be able to smell their cigarette smoke in their clothes or house.

This means they are starting to lose some of their sense of smell. Some jobs require us to do things where we can lose some of our sense of smell. So what should we do if we really need the job?  It is easy…we need to practise Qigong in order to let the body return back to normal. If we do not practice Qigong, then it will help going to the countryside and back to nature to get some fresh, healthy air, where you can breathe normally.

This will also help to let your body recognise the difference between good and bad air. It is like eating a lot of sweet things:- the more we eat, the sweeter the foods we want.  But if we can eat fresh things and less sugar, then after a while we will not want those sweet things so much and we will let our bodies go back to normal. When we go back to normal then our other senses will become stronger, just like animals who use all of their senses all of the time.

We can also do meditation to help us let go and go back to normal. Meditation allows us to close ourselves off from the outside and feel our bodies instead. Then we will find out what we need and allow the body to fix itself and become normal. Eventually, many illnesses will go and our senses will become stronger and our awareness will become better. This is what a normal healthy person should be.

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