Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 249

External Affects the Internal – Part 3

Once we understand that the external body and the internal body are connected, are related to each other and affect one another, we can apply this principle to many things. Take our relationships for example. We need to work together whether it is husband and wife, partner and partner, even parents and children. We can control our own side, we can do whatever we want, but only for ourselves. The other side we cannot control and tell them what to do. However when we are all together our behaviour, actions and what we say affects the other side. So we must think about what we do and what we say otherwise it can affect the other side badly. If we want to get along we need to think about the other side. Also, because whatever we do, whatever we say and how we behave affects the other side we can use this to make or lead them to a better situation. For example if you do not drink alcohol then your partner and children are less likely to drink alcohol. If you do not swear then your friends and colleagues will swear less or maybe not swear at all. As a teacher, if your forms are correct then your students will become correct, and if a teacher is knowledgeable then the students will also become knowledgeable. External effects the internal and we can affect others.


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