Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #145

Grandmaster Yang Meijun 楊梅君 pt IV

Grandmaster Yang continued to say, “The best way for me to help you is not to give you my Qi, but you have to develop your own. I am going to teach my skill which is the Kunlun Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong System 崑崙大雁氣功. This skill has been passed down for about 1800 years. It was created a long time ago and has not been open to the public. I am going to break this rule, I am going to teach you and let you help yourself because this is the right time to do this.”

When Grandmaster Yang had finished talking another gentleman asked, “Laoshi 老師, I have heard of Qi before, but I have never experienced it or understood how it works. Would you mind demonstrating to us so that we can learn something about it?”  Grandmaster Yang smiled, as she always did, but underneath she knew the people want to test her to see whether she was good enough, but also she knew that this was the right moment to show them. She replied by saying, “Let’s go over there,” and pointed to a big tree.  The tree was quite far away, in a very quiet area where there was no wind.  Once they had gathered underneath the tree, Grandmaster Yang opened her palms and focused on the tree.  After a few seconds, the people gathered underneath could see some of the leaves moving and hear them rustling as if they were being blown by the wind, even though there was no wind!


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