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How Many Times a Day Should We Practise – Part 1

How many times a day should we practise? People always ask me this question, and there is always more than one answer. Practising once a day is basic practise. If you practise once a day, then you can choose any time you want, before work, after work, in the morning, in the evening, whenever you want. It is best not to rush, so you should choose when you have more time so that you can enjoy your practise.

If you want to practise twice a day, which is good, then you can practise in the morning ad in the evening. You can do half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening, the same amount of time is best, but many people do not have that much time in the morning. In this case you can do 15 minutes before breakfast. It is better to practise without a full stomach and sometimes best with an empty stomach. Then in the evening you can practise for 45 minutes, so that you are still doing one hour a day. It is important not to rush in the evening practise, just follow your normal routine from warm up, then stronger forms to gentle forms and finish with meditation or horse stance.

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