Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #121

Starting the Wild Goose Journey

Wild Goose Qigong with Master TseI approached Grandmaster Yang Meijun and sat down, feeling a little less nervous. In my mind she was the teacher I really wanted to study with. She looked very healthy and strong, and wore simple blue clothes and a hat. She looked peaceful and calm and it was then I noticed how short she was. She was sitting on a sofa, but her feet wore supported by a wooden stool as her feet did not reach the floor. She looked about 70, but she was 86. She asked me my name and so I introduced myself and told her I was a policeman in Hong Kong. I also told her that I would like to study Qigong with her. She smiled and said, “Then you can stay and learn some Qigong.”

I had prepared some sweets as gifts from Hong Kong, which I gave to her. Then we spoke a little more and then afterwards I went back to my hotel. I returned the next day to begin my Wild Goose Qigong journey.

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