Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #122

Learn the High Level

Every morning I went to Grandmaster Yang Meijun’s place to learn and practise Qigong. I saw other students, as well as some western students practising as well. Slowly I got to know Grandmaster Yang better. Everybody called her “Nai Nai奶奶”, which means grandmother or elder respected lady. So I also started to call her Nai Nai as it felt correct, closer and more comfortable. Students Xiao Zhou and Xiao Li helped me with my practice and Nai Nai would come around and check my movements. She also explained the principles of Qi to me. She said, “Qi is the fundamental thing in life. The more Qi we have the healthier and stronger we will be. Qi comes from nature, from everything, but in particular from the air. We practise Qigong and through movement and meditation we cultivate our Qi.” She then faced me from a distance put up her palm to my body and I could feel the Qi coming from her, and at the same time I could smell a fragrance like flowers. I knew this was a high level and I said to myself, “I really want to learn this.”

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  1. Jennifer Leaf
    Jennifer Leaf says:

    Tai Sigong
    Thank you for sharing. I never met Sijo, but my experience with my Sifu, our Centre family, and yourself continues to echo “I really want to learn this.”


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