Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 389

Five Elements People – Part 5

Wǔxíng 五行 – Five Elements also represents the attitude and the energy of things. So, for example, the attitude of Wood is nature, and this can be hard like a tree, or it can be soft like grass, also it can be beautiful like a flower. The energy is soft, stable and grow slowly. A person can be like this, so a person with the Wood element also likes nature and if the environment is good, they can grow and embrace other things. A person with the Fire element likes to party, they like excitement, attention and can be very attractive. The person with the Earth elements is very knowledgeable and likes the study, to work out things and solve puzzles. The person with the Metal element likes everything organised, tidy, clear, in order, and is good at management. A person with the Water element likes to flow along in whatever situation they are in, get along with everybody and this makes them very sociable.  They like to help and are likely to be involved with charity work.

Through this we can see our element, if you like nature a lot then you are Wood. If you like partying a lot, then you are Fire. If you like to study, then you are Earth. If you like to organise things then you are Metal. If you like to help people, then you are Water.

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