Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 261

Seven Hollows Qī Qiào 七竅 – Part 3

So far we have talked about six of the Hollows: two eyes, two ears and two nostrils. The last one is obviously the mouth. The mouth is for eating and talking, and inside the mouth there is the tongue. The mouth has so many functions and it is related to the spleen and therefore the digestion, it is also related to the stomach. If the mouth has a problem, then the digestive system will also have a problem

We should remember that in Chinese Medicine, the function of the spleen is different to how it is seen in Western Medicine. In Chinese medicine the spleen functions to digest food and transport the supply of nutrients all over the body. It also helps the other organs to create other things like blood and Qì.

The tongue is related to the heart. If there is too much ‘fire’, then the heart will beat faster and the tongue will have a problem. You can tell so much about the condition of someone’s health by looking at their tongue. The taste of different foods can also affect the mouth and this will also affect the spleen and the heart. We should have a wide variety of different tasting food, not just one kind, not too much food and not too much indulgent food.

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