Qigong Dao7 9

Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #174

Lotus Meditation pt5

Qigong Dao7 9
Completely Relax

There is another way to meditate whilst we are doing Lotus Meditation, and it is something we do when we are feeling healthy, have no blockages and feel good about ourselves.

First we sit comfortably in a Lotus Position and relax entire body. When we feel there are no blockages then we can just completely let go, like we are sleeping, we let the mind go and let it imagine anything. However when we like go like this we might find ourselves feeling very sleepy. In fact we kind of let the mind go to sleep and therefore it is like we are in a dream. Whatever things come to our mind we just let it happen, we might find that our breathing becomes shallow, quiet and sometimes there is almost no breathing at all. When we complete let go of ourselves we might come across some images, like trees, mountains, houses, people or even things that have happened in our past. Sometime some very unusual things will happen. Sometimes we might feel cold or even weak, but if we can stand it we should let it happen and if we can completely let go you might forget all these feelings and find ourselves in certain unusual areas and this will help us develop more mind energy, but remember do not force ourselves to chase those images.

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