Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 393

Qìgōng and the Cycle of Life – Part 3

Qìgōng 氣功 movements are like washing clothes. When we wash clothes by hand, we rub them, shake them and mix them with the water and soap to get the dirt out of the clothes. When we practise Qìgōng our movements can be shaking, turning, going up, going down, going left, going right, in fact all kinds of movement. These movements are cleaning the body, but using a natural way, from nature and the air. Our body need to relax, have a good posture, move from the waist, connect and use the acupuncture points, Jīng luò 經絡 – Channels and move from the inside to the outside. We should also breathe through the nose, let the breathing follow the movements and not think about this. It is best to practise under the sky, out in nature and surrounded by a good natural environment. This will allow us to recharge our Qì 氣 and we practise to the point when we feel good. Then we can do some meditation and we can choose to do this standing, sitting on a chair, in lotus position or even lying down. This will store our Qì after moving. Moving will help us gather a lot of Qì and we should then sink it to the Dāntián 丹田, so just like washing our clothes then we need to hang them up to dry.

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