Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 265

King’s Sickness Pt2

The Daoist claim made the King curious and he agreed to see him. When the Daoist was brought before him, the King said, “What can you do about my sickness?” The Daoist replied, “I can use Qì 氣 to heal you, no medicine is involved.” The King had heard of Qì, but he did not know anything about it. He asked the Daoist, “What is Qì?” the Daoist replied, “It is an energy from our bodies that keeps us alive and healthy.” The King stared at the Daoist with a hopeful face. This was something new to him and so it was worth a try. The King said, “I like this. What do I need to do?” In a calm voice, the Daoist said, “You just need to stand.” This King was surprised. How could it be that simple? The Daoist continued, “If you agree we can start tomorrow. I just need a quiet room for the two of us.” The King had many rooms in his palace and politely replied, “We have many rooms here and a lot of them are very quiet. You can choose anyone you like.” So the King ordered that a quiet room be prepared and also organised for a very beautiful room to be prepared for the Daoist to stay in. All of these were overseen by the King’s senior advisor.

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