Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #73

Horse Stance馬步樁 Part 4

As we mentioned before, when we practise High Position Horse Stance it is similar Dao-73to many other kinds of Zhan Zhuang站椿. The Baihui百會穴, Huiyin會陰穴 and Yongquan points涌泉穴 are in a vertical line and the feet are shoulder width apart. When we practise the Medium Position, all the principles are the same, except our feet are wider. The width is based on each individual, but it should be about 2 shoulder widths. When we stand like this we need to be comfortable. The weight should also be more on the heels.

In the Low Position, the position is quite different. Only the Baihui and Yongquan points are in a vertical line. We do not need to line up the Huiyin point otherwise we will lose our balance. Both hands stretch out a little further forwards, but the palms still need to face down. The thighs should be parallel to the floor, but we should not be squatting. All our weight should be on our feet and our upper body should be relaxed and light.

Remember the difference between the High, Medium and Low Positions. When we first start stand in the Low or Medium Positions and when feeling tired stand up and take the High Position. Keep changing when you need to. The Low Position is the key to Horse Stance, the High and Medium Positions just help to be able to practise more.

Michael Tse

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