Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 236

Ying Qigong 硬氣功

The second type of Qigong is Ying Qigong 硬氣功– Hard Qigong and so Ying 硬 means hard. Soft and hard balance each other, we cannot just practise Ruan Qigong 軟氣功, without Ying, even if we just practise Horse Stance 馬步 or Healthy Living Gong Part 3’s 健康生活功第三節 Tiger Pushes the Mountain or Angry Man Kicks the Door. These exercises all have a Ying Qigong element. The stronger Ying Qigong energy can be sued to break bricks, slabs of concrete and wooden poles, and make the body able to withstand being punched, kicked or even the sharp point of a spear or blade of a sword. However this takes a lot of training!

The Chinese character for Ying has two parts. The left side is Shi 石 and this means stone. The right side is Geng 更 and this means more. Ying means harder than stone. So Ying Qigong makes us even harder then stone! How do we do this? This takes Qi to make us strong, and we need to build up our breathing and focus. We must train step by step, first making ourselves healthy, then strong and then powerful. We need soft and hard to balance our Qi and make ourselves super healthy.

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