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Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 237

Single Movements Pt 1

photo Supporting the SkyWe all know that we practise Qigong to makes us healthier, the more we practise the healthier we get. However we will not be 100% healthy, because we use our energy when we do other things, our work, when we communicate with other people etc. Other people can affect us and pass negative energy onto us, for example when they are not well. So being around unhealthy people or being in an unhealthy environment will lower our energy. We all know that practising Qigong will make us better and this is why we never stop practising.

At the start, beginners learn simple Qigong exercises, like Balancing Gong and Health Living Gong before leaning forms. Forms are more complicated. Single movements repeat and so they are easier to learn and easier to correct. Forms take much longer because they are single movements all joined together that need to flow. It is like reading a book, single movements are like sort text which is much easier. Writing short text and writing a book are quite different things. Therefore, in Qigong, we need to learn single movements first.

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