Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 251

Sì Shén Cōng 四神聰 – Part 2

If we want to get the Qì 氣up to the Upper Dāntián 上丹田, to the Sky Eye, there is one very important channel that we must open, this is the Chōng Mài 衝脈. The Chōng Mài runs from the Yǒngquán Point 涌泉穴 to the Huìyīn point 會陰穴 and then up the the Bǎihuì point 百會穴. This is the central channel of the body and is the most important channel in the body. When we practise Qìgōng 氣功 we feel good, our head feels warmer, we have more colour in our face, the skin is soft and smooth and our eyes are brighter. We look healthier and look better than we did before our practise and this is because we have more Qì. However, there is another reason. When we practise and Qì goes up to the face, it also means it is going up to the Upper Dāntián上丹田. As there is more Qì going up to the Upper Dāntián areas we will feel warm or even hot, however on the lower body may feel cold, this is usual and we will not even notice it at the time. This is more obvious when we practise Horse Stance or Lotus Meditation. Here we can really feel the Qì rising up to the face and in the end up to the top of the head. Then it pushes up through the Baihui point, so the Qì releases out from that.

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